January 30, 2012

January 22, 2012

Hipsterman t-shirts

I know it's early, but out of popular request i'm making Hipsterman T-shirts. Contact me for info if you're interested in a shirt.

January 18, 2012

HIpsterman bonus comic

Hipsterman is against SOPA and PIPA. Are you?

The Obscure Adventures of Hipsterman!! #4

Made this during my winter break and it stars several musician friends in my college. One of my friends pointed out that this comic is the origin of Four Year Strong's explosive sound by teaching them how to play in the key of "H" (H for hipster? Happiness?) "Look there's even 2 guitarist/singers, bassist, drummer and even a synth player". I never though of that possibility as my intention was to show that the Key of "H" was so unheard of that it explodes anything in that vicinity. 

The Obscure Adventures of Hipsterman!! #3

I personally think anyone who can ride a cheap single-gear bike without any shame has a special ability. This comic stars my RA in my hall.

January 17, 2012

The Obscure Adventures of Hipsterman! #2

The origin story of Hipsterman! It must really suck being bitten by a radioactive hipster. I hear they're like zombies.

The Obscure Adventures of Hipsterman! #1

Here's my first comic. I originally made this for stress relief during finals on my first semester of college. A little background story:

I always complained about hipsters and their ironic tastes to the point that people started believing I was a hipster myself. I'm no hipster, I just liked making fun of them. In order to talk less about them out loud, I decided to use my mediocre art talents and gag talent to manifest my pleasure of making fun of hipsters into a comic that everyone can read. Huzzah.